Graylog 3.0 - beta 2

(ajay) #1

Graylog 3.0 - beta 2 configured successfully with [ graylog-sidecar-1.0.0-1.beta.2.x86_64.rpm ].
Setup as follows :

  1. AWS Loadbalancer, Public subnet

  2. Mongo(3.6) and Graylog(3.0 beta2) installed in one instance running in the private subnet

  3. Elastic server (6.x) configure in the second instance running in the private subnet.

  4. Configured Global Inputs, observed there is a network activity

  5. Elasticsearch health status is green and logs from clients are pushed to the elastic server successfully from ELB.

Issue: when searched for messages, graylog displays no results.

(Jan Doberstein) #2
  1. did you ingest messages and how?
  2. did you checked your graylog server log?
  3. did you send in messages manually?
  4. did you run “recalculate index range?”

(ajay) #3

Thank you Jan Doberstein, after ''recalculate index range" , I am able to see messages.

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