Graylog 2.4 rc2 Slack Alarm going to 'resolved' status automatically

Hi All,

I have a Graylog server running the last 2.4 rc-2 software with integration into a Slack channel.

The alarms are being received and work with Slack fine.

However, as soon as the alarm is received by Slack, Graylog marks it as ‘resolved’. I want to leave it in an unresolved state till someone acknowledges it.

Is this a configuration option that I am missing



the alert will re resolved if the next search does not return the condition.

It might be a bug in the slack plugin and you should report that as an issue in the Plugin repository.

Hi Jan,

First , I will retry with upgrade to new release 2.4 as I am on a release candidate?

Then I will retry.

I will come back to you.


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