GELF Log Aggregating

We are using graylog for a java project using gelf appender.

When we send two or more“some content”) lines from a method, it always comes as a single message to graylog which has two info bodies combined in graylog message.

But if we send logs from two separate objects methods, both of the logs arrive at graylog as two different messages.

Just our 2nd day with graylog and wonder what we have missed!. Any guidance/help is much appreciated.


I don’t experience the same behaviors with my java project using log4j. Which gelf appender are you using ? Could you share your logger config ?

@bobdenar found the issue. it was OK from the java app end and we were using a plaintext/tcp input for processing.

once we created a GELF/TCP input, messages arrived separately to graylog.

Thanks for the supp.

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