Force notification

Hi guys , Im traying to get GL sending http notifications.
I created a very basic rule for testing but it is not beign sent. (bellow Im posting event definition detail)
How can I force to trigger this notification ? (there is a “test” button on alert conditions section at ver 3.0 , but I can not find similar at ver 3.1).
What other debug tools can I use ?
Is it possible to customize post data to be sent?

Filter & Aggregation

Search Query
All messages
Search within
24 hours
Execute search every
1 minutes

Is there some way to create a more general filter ? just to trigger the event on every message ?
(this is for learn/testing propose).


the test button will return shortly

So … how can I continue ?
I would like to use GL to setup a notification platform based on log messages.
But can not get it into log , please provide some ideas to debug this!
Thanks anyway,.

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