Folder lookup alert

Dear Graylog community,
I have a problem. I would like to be notificated or alerted when the admin user on my company is open my private folder on the shared drive . Is it possible? and f possible how ( what I need to set? )
Regards, Csaba

This is completely not a Graylog question.

I suggest you use “teh Googles”.

It depends at least 5-10 things, but you don’t share any information…
First take care of you log the event, and you send it to graylog.
After you should only set a graylog alert

OFF: Fel a fejjel.

Hali Macko003,
Azt szeretném logolni, hogy egy admin jogosultságú felhasználó ha belép az én megosztott privát mappámba akkor arrol kapjak értesítést, magyarul ha valaki illetéktelen belép a megosztott privát mappámba arról kapjak értesítést .

Dear Csaba

It’s an English forum, please use this language.
I understand you needs, and I can’t tell more than I wrote before.

//I don’t think an admin is unauthorized open your folder…

Dear Macko003,

Okay, I correct it, so I would like to get alerts when some admin rights people opened my privete shared folder .

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

okay, okay I think I violate default forum rules, but I can’t tell more, what I did.
I suggest read it.

As I see you wrote the same thing 3 times, but is contains no information.

So please let us know if you have the log, and you are able to send it to graylog.
If you have a graylog related problem we can help. Eg. you can’t find the sent log in graylog, or what could be go wrong after you followed the docs, and you haven’t got the alerts.

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