Fluentbit and GELF with TLS

I am trying to setup a logfwding to GELF with fluentBit and enable TLS.
I did the following:

  1. Created self signed certs and key
  2. Updated server.conf as mentioned in the doc
  3. Created a GELF tcp input ()
  4. On the fluentBit side i enabled the tls.verify and tls.ca with the CA file i used to sign the server cert.

The flunetBit logs says API server connectivity ok , but the logs never reach GELF.

[2020/05/29 13:30:37] [ info] [filter:kubernetes:kubernetes.0] https=1 host=kubernetes.default.svc port=443
[2020/05/29 13:30:37] [ info] [filter:kubernetes:kubernetes.0] local POD info OK
[2020/05/29 13:30:37] [ info] [filter:kubernetes:kubernetes.0] testing connectivity with API server...
[2020/05/29 13:30:37] [ info] [filter:kubernetes:kubernetes.0] API server connectivity OK
[2020/05/29 13:30:37] [ info] [sp] stream processor started

If i disable tls , things work fine.

Any help would be much appreciated.

which doc?

I don’t find in your list the java keystore update, as in another doc mention.

What do you see in the Graylog’s log?

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