Filebeat module juniper SRX

Hi. guys

For using filebeat module juniper what scenario do I need ?
1- should I send all logs to independent server that has filebaet installed? HOW ?
2- how can I use filebeat module Juniper ?
I have two firewall Junipers SRX 240 .

Thank you for your guide

It seems to me you could use the Juniper SRX syslog and point it to a syslog input you created in Graylog…

Hi tmacgbay thank you for your help
Right now I am sending all the logs through Syslog to Graylog Server and it works fine,
But, I want to use the (Filbeat Moudule Juniper) but I have NOT idea how to do it?

The module is intended for an ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) which is similar to Graylog… and even then you would have to use syslog to transfer the data into the ELK stack and pass through the module…

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