Extract scientific notation from log message


I’m relatively new to Graylog. I’ve recently started importing messages from my NTP servers into Graylog, the messages look like this:

chrony-tracking: 2021-02-20 15:01:28 PPS0 1 10.536 0.082 -9.329e-07 N 1 4.735e-07 -6.105e-11 1.000e-09 1.064e-05 2.900e-05

My question is, how can I extract the numbers in the scientific format, i.e. -9.329e-07 ? I can’t find a way of doing it directly, so I thought about extracting the mantissa -9.329 and the exponent -07 and then using a pipeline to convert the number to decimal. However, I’m hampered in that solution because I can’t find a “power” function, nor a loop, nor a “shift”.

I’d really appreciate if anyone has some bright ideas!

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