Etcd source is flooding my stream (54k message in 1 hour)



I have a graylog 2.3 on a VM (
I works properly but I have the etcd servie which is flooding Graylog. In one hour I got 54k messages form etcd (see the screenshot attached)

How can I stop that ?

Thanks in advance


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What messages is etcd logging?


Hi jochen,

here is a sample :

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The last message is obviously an error message. Check what’s wrong with etcd and fix that. Then the (error) logs will stop…



I have try to update my Graylog to 2.3 (it was a 2.2 not a 2.3) and the graylogctl reconfigure command give me an error related to etcd.
I finally download the 2.3 VM and reconfigure graylog from scratch, for now it works fine.

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