Error while adding new search conditions


I’ve got some serious problems while searching. Whenever I already searched for something including the *-joker and try to add another search condition by using the magnifier-symbol, I get this:

(writing down the same search condition works fine, btw.)

Don’t get me wrong… The ape is funny, but annoying if you want to present graylog to colleagues :sweat_smile:
Classical bug?

Graylog: 3.0.0
ElasticSearch: 6.6

could you create a animated gif that shows the behaviour? It might be a bug

Or perhaps provide @jan with the queries you’re performing through private message. If they’re not sensitive content.

These are just some Test-Logs and not productive. Here is a .gif, i hope it helps to understand the problem:

So at first i just did a *-search -> no problem
I click on the magnifier -> ape :slight_smile:
I create the same search by typing -> no problem

this behavior only appears with a *-search

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ok - that is an issue.

even if the way is not like you would search in elasticsearch this should not happen.

Just to clarify - to get only messages that have a field, you would search _exists_:FIELDNAME and not the way you did with any content of the field.

would you mind creating a bug issue over at github?

thank you

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Oh, it was just for the example. it could have been any search request including a * ^^

Don’t forget to do this @Lyro :slight_smile:

Job done ~

Thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:


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