Dynamic Mail send

Hello Forum,

i want to create dynamic mail notification.
The aggregation and query is all set.
The Mail-Template is set aswell and is working great.
But the problem is:
I need to use an email from the message(backlog) for the notification receiver
In Subject i can use the backlog-message and create a dynamic subject based on fields in message.
i need to use the same procedure for the notification receiver.

anyone who has accomplished that?,

best regards,


Is this similar to what you wanted to do?

Hi @gsmith,

i used the backlog message in “Subject” successfully.
now i want to use a value from backlog as “mail recipient” from a notification.

Hi @coffee_is_life1337. Con you explain how you succesfully used the backlog message in “Subject” of an email alert?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @aguida79,

you need to “open” the backlog message like you do in the message-field:
Subject: Testsubject for ${foreach backlog message}${message.fields.<field_you_want_to_use>}${end}

this should do it

//EDIT: make sure, you activate the Backlog-message in the alert-configuration:

best regards,

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Thanks @coffee_is_life1337 ! It worked!


It worked for the Email Subject, but not for the Alert Title, :cry:

For Alert Title, it only works when you make an Aggragation of 1, but the Alert Title with the “count” looks horrible:



Thanks for sharing. This also worked for us :slight_smile:

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