Detecting offline device

Hi Graylog-Team,

We would like to monitor the status of our devices with graylog.
Most devices are connected via GPRS and send events and heartbeat messages to graylog server.

Beside of errors send by the device we would like to detect devices which are offline and therefore do not send heartbeat messages any more.
We were able to handle this by creating a stream per device and setting up Message Count Alert.
So every device needs dedicated stream, alert condition and alert notification.
As we plan to have hundreds of device alert condition and alert notification are redundant. This makes the handling difficult. e.g. If we want to change the message text we would need to change this hundreds of times - same if we want to change the mail address for notification.

Is there any elegant way to detect and handle offline devices?

Best regards

Currently that’s not possible with Graylog easily.

You could probably write a plugin which runs scheduled searches and checks which sources have stopped sending messages within a given period.

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