Data that users don't use

Hello. Can I somehow understand what data users are using? And if this is possible, how can I delete unused data? And is it possible to automate this process somehow?

some one help me please?


Could you explain in great detail what your issue is.

Are you referring logs/messages?

What data are you referring to?

What “automate this process” are you referring to?

If your unsure what to post maybe this might enlighten you.

I would like to find out what streams, dashboards, users do not use.

Not only that, but also dashboards, streams, alerts.

How can I automate this process so as not to delete unnecessary data by hand?


With Graylog Open Source default installment I’m not sure if you can find what the user is using. Below are a couple links that will allow you see what users are doing.

User Activity:

Permission Management:

Enterprise version: This is probably what you looking for.

Hope this helps

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