Custom plugin copy issue


I have got a custom plugin which I have copied and changed in details. Finally I modified every class name which was made by my collegue but when I’m deploying the old and the new plugins they will have the same type name. When I deploy only one it’s got the name I’ve configured in the descriptor but together they will have the same name.
Could anyone give me some tips what did I missed or what should I change to make this works? Everything else is fine I’m only struggling with the name in the drop down menu.

Thanks in advance,

Metadata such as the plugin name, version, or the required Graylog version, is managed in the PluginMetaData implementation.


Thanks for your answer @jochen !
Unfortunatelly it didn’t solve my problem. I’ve changed the getName and getUniqueId functions now.
Maybe I didn’t detail my problem properly. The names are the same only in the dropdown menu which is defined in the descriptor function.
Could you give me any tips why it could happen?

Maybe post a link to the source of the plugin and the part you think is causing the problem.

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