Csv export truncates text at space

When I try to export search results to csv, the export runs fine, but on the “message” field/column it only exports the text up to the first space in the message. As an example a result with a message that reads “An account was successfully logged on.” will export as “An”. The timestamp and source fields display fine as there are no spaces in those. I can add other columns and they behave the same way, only exporting text up to the first space.

I’m running graylog version: 4.0.2+1987d10 on Ubuntu server. I’ve tried running the csv export under Edge and Chrome with the same results. Any ideas how to fix this. I badly need to export some results. Is there any other method of exporting I could try if I can’t make it work in the web interface?

Need to revise my description of the issue a bit. I took a closer look at an export and noticed there were some messages that it didn’t truncate at the first space in the message but the second. So I see some exported lines where the full message was “A logon was attempted using explicit credentials.” and it exported as “A logon”. Still not exporting the full message, but my original thinking that it truncated at the first space is not accurate in all cases. Seems as though the messages that start with a single letter it exports the word after the first space, but stops at the next space. Odd.

And I have realized the severe stupidity of my ways. For whatever reason the exported message column won’t expand by double-click. I just had to manually expand the column by dragging over to see that there actually was more data there. palm to forehead.

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