Converter for TAI64-formatted timestamps?

First, a big “thank you” to the developers of this impressive system and for making it available to the community!

A small detail: Some services, notably those running under daemontools, produce log files with timestamps in the TAI64 format.

The current converters available to the extractors do not seem to support this format, which means that log files that are otherwise straightforward to ingest will require additional processing in the pipeline before reaching graylog.

To alleviate that problem, we have made a small internal patch to handle this (in the FlexibleDateConverter class as a quick hack). Since there is no means to add such functionality via dynamically loaded code in external files, this means that we will have to patch the system every time a new version is installed, which can become somewhat cumbersome in the long run.

What would be required to get such a feature (a TAI64 converter) included in the main functionality of graylog to avoid having to constantly patch new versions locally when they are released? We are of course happy to provide code (just a few lines, really) to get things started.

just provide a pull request on github that includes your changes.

that then might get feedback or will be merged into graylog-server.

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