Chart with timestamp shifted

I created a Area chart, with timestamp. I deselected Auto, and selected one day interval.
The problem is, The graph calculate the sum, between +3 as one day, not from 00:00


I checked all the variables, time zone, updated graylog to version 4.3.8, check user time, everything is correct.
it’s installed on red-hat server.

thank you

Hello && Welcome

I followed you description as best as I could.
Created a Aggregate /w Timestamp , disabled the auto, added 1 day. Function as count along with visualization " Area Chart".

Configurations ( in red)


I have the same results , also adjust time a time frame from one day to 10/27/2022 - 10/28/2022

TBH , I haven’t messed with the Timestamp trending. Not sure what’s going one, maybe someone else here has an idea or you could post this in GitHub, perhaps the Devs could enlighten use on what’s up with that. If I find out why that is like that , ill post it back here

Thank you for help.
I opened as case in github, hope in the correct place.


yes that’s correct, :+1:

To receive an answer, or receive an answer quicker, I would put more details about your environment. Like Versions, etc… even thou you supplied a link it helps more. Most will pass over it if the description of that environment is not shown.


Graylog version 4.8
MongoDb 4.4
OpenSearch 1.3 OR Elasticsearch  7.10
CentOS 7 Virtual machine with 4 CPU, 8 GB RAM and 500 GB HDD


Thank you for your help.
I went for a long weekend, can you assist with your system details, or I will do it on Monday.


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