Can we have authentication configured for HTTP JSON PATH Data Adapters/

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Hi Team,

I have ELK built as a database and planning to use JSON PATH DATA Adapter. Now my ELK is behind nginx reverse proxy and planning to use HTTP BASIC AUTH. Hence wondering if I can use authentication while configuring DATA Adapters?

Blason R

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Not sure what your JSON data is going to look like, but maybe check out my “JSON Remote Polling” plugin at as it supports BASIC AUTH and reads in any GELF message.

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Well I resolved the issue on nginx where I configured my nginx as reverse proxy publishing FQDN and that FQDN wasn’t published on internet.

I specifically configured hosts entry on the server so that server will use FQDN to connect and nginx blocks the connection if naked IP is used.

Along with that I configured ACL on nginx to pass only GET request and no POST/DELETE/PUT request.

Just to doubly sure!! :slight_smile:

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