Best Greylog search requests for switch diagnosis


I’m totally new to Greylog but it’s been set up and I’m trying to use but do not speak the language at all!

Can anyone give me the best search to use to check if our switches ( in a stack) are faulty .
We had a failure, I know the dates I just need to know what search do I actually use, i.e type in ??

The guy who set up saved these 2 searches only;

nginx -graylog-server -etcd -elasticsearch -mongodb

Any help would be really appreciated.

Many Thanks

without knowing how your data is structured and what question you have, it is hard to tell.

Even more without knowing your Switch Vendor.


Thanks for the quick reply.

As said afraid I’m so new to the extent I don’t even know the information you may need.
All Switches concerned are Netgear 23300-28X Pro safe in a stack acting as one switch.
I would just like a standard search syntax to use to check the health of this stack,I will choose specific dates as required.

their is not “standard” query you can run for that. It depends how you data looks - how that is normalized, how it is ingested.

What would you search on the commandline for? Put that in the search bar and check the result.

Hi Jan

Thanks yes I’m getting some results by doing as you say but thought there might be set syntax as said.
I’ll go through and see what I can find.


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