Beat Input with TLS and Filebeat 5.4.0


i am using graylog 2.2.3, sidecar collector 0.1.1 and filebeat 5.4.0. If i create a beat input with tls communication and sidecar read the configuration from the graylog server and create a filebeat config file, in the config file is a tls section with the certificate name and so on. But filebeat don’t use a secure communication and sends message with http and not https. I think, in the configuration file for file beat must be a ssl section, not a tls section. If i create a snippet with ssl section as described in the file beat documentation, the communication works with https.

It is a bug, that a tls section is created?


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The name of the configuration section for TLS in the Beats platform changed from tls to ssl with Beats 5.0, see

Graylog Collector Sidecar 0.1.0 and higher supports Beats 5.x, so it should use the correct settings.

Feel free to create a bug report at

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