AMQP multiple queue

I am force to use multiple queues in Rabbitmq for Rabbitmq perfomance.
In graylog i manage to raise an input for each queue.
Is there a posibility to make in input to read from multiple queues?
I think it is possible but I cannot find documentaion about that?
For example one queue is named logging-gelf and other logging-gelf-2.
I see the input has “number of queues” option. Maybe is a setting to put like “logging-gelf*” ,

you need to use one input for each queue - as the consumer (Graylog) can only bind to one.

If you are really in the need of this feature, you could write your own Input Plugin for that.

But what this option do : “Number of Queues”.
Or there is a link to the documentation about this?

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