Agregate Fields from a Fortinet log

Hello to all,

I’m a french new user of Graylog and I work with Fortinet logs. Some fields of these logs are not good, for exemple, the field “date” result that :


I have created a Dashboard to monitor and count all the user have failed to connect to our Fortigate VPN like that :

So, what I want to do here is to agregate the field “DATE” and the field “temps” in the same field.

I have already try to create a Grok pattern but I can’t understand how it’s works, I have tried that :


result that :

“DATE”: “2-05-02”,
“DATE_US”: “2-05-02”,
“MONTHNUM”: “2”,
“MONTHDAY”: “05”,
“YEAR”: “02”,
“DATE_EU”: null,
“TIME”: null,
“HOUR”: null,
“MINUTE”: null,
“SECOND”: null

But the time is null. Yet the time is well recovered with the “TIME” pattern.


result that :

“TIME”: “14:45:45”,
“HOUR”: “14”,
“MINUTE”: “45”,
“SECOND”: “45”

So how I can group the two field ?
The final result I want is the field “DATE_TIME_FORTI” = 02.05.2022 17:31:26 for exemple.

Thank you very much for yout help

Wish you a good day

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to pick up 2022-05-02,time=13:29:42,devname= you need to account for all the things between the actual date and time… all this: ,time= if that ‘stuff’ is variable you could add in a %{GREEDYDATA:UNWANTED} but if you are sure it is fixed, it is better to add it in specifically to avoid the greedydata search.


You can’t put in the pipe in there because GROK will look for a pipe rather than a choice of DATE_US or DATE_EU

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