About the NEW Marketplace

The Graylog Marketplace is the central resource for Graylog add-ons

Find, explore, and try out Graylog add-ons created by Graylog community members and enthusiasts. Plugins, extractors, content packs and GELF libraries are available as well as guides and documentation.

Developers: Use the Marketplace to post links to Graylog-specific apps you develop and maintain on GitHub. Contact david.sciuto@graylog.com and let the community help you to test out, provide feedback, and promote your work among the membership.

DISCLAIMER: Developers are free to post links to Graylog-specific apps developed and maintained on GitHub. However, Graylog does not test, validate, endorse, or otherwise promote any developer apps in the Marketplace. Any guarantees or endorsements of Marketplace apps are made at the discretion of individual community members and not officially sanctioned by Graylog. Use these apps at your caution.

What happened to the old Marketplace? Why the switch to an unstructured forum posts?

HI, Matt,
Thanks for asking. There are a couple of reasons. For one, the old Marketplace had a number of outdated add-ons that were not being maintained. As part of the community, we will now have regular “check-in” with the developer, who, under the community will be community members.

Secondly, and more importantly, the move is related to bringing the developers into the community and giving them an opportunity to highlight their open products to the community. You will see, on occasion, developers interacting with community members about their add-on in an integrated, member-to-member way.

Including your comment about “unstructured forum posts,” what are your thoughts about the move? Are we missing some functionality that you liked? How can we improve it?

For example, i cannot find content packs. I have spent 30 minutes without any useful result.
There is no clear section for content packs or addons. Only one long list of messages. No types, no tags, no filters…
The search seems not finding content packs for apache or postfix.
Before, i was able to find instantly what i needed (packs or addons). Now all i see is the endless list of some non-related messages. Could you SEPARATE uploads from discussions, please?
Could you, please, add some instructions on how to find files, content packs and not thousands of discussions? Thanks.

Hey, connotfind,

Thanks for your feedback on the new Marketplace.  We want to ensure that our community members are able to find what you're looking for: easily, fast, and consistently. Your suggestion to add a brief tutorial on how to find things in the Marketplace is a good.

Before I write up the tutorial, would you be available to walk through it with me via a Zoom mtg? I’d like to know specifically what you’re looking for and show you how to find it. The New Marketplace has tags and subcategories, which apparently aren’t apparent, so that would be a good place to start.

Please reach out to me with your available times and email address and I’ll set up a meeting. You can reach me at david.sciuto@graylog.com

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@Matt.W See my response to @cannotfind below. If you’d like to join me on a quick zoom call in the coming days, I’d like to help you find whatever you’re looking for in the new Marketplace. Reach to me at david.sciuto@graylog.com