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Any questions related to running Graylog, including installation and configuration, specific features, and official plugins.

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(Cloud Leung) #2

why only one node can receive message ?

i have a graylog cluster with two nodes,but only one nodes can receive meesage.

1.view the nodes info, looks like only the nodes of RZPT-LOG-2 is receiving the message.

2.view the inputs, it looks like both nodes is running.

i just don’t understand, it is the design or it’s had something wrong .

Graylog Version: 2.2.3
Elasticsearch Version: 2.3.3
MongoDB Version: 3.2.14


Hello I am a beginner in computer security, my concern is in which format SNMP (RFC) graylog collects logs equipment / bone; FORTINET, LINUX, APC, SIEMENS, WINDOWS, EATON, JUNIPER
Thank you !