4.1.1 update notice with no update available?

Any idea why Graylog has been saying to update to 4.1.1 for over a week, and no updates are pending in the repo?

yum clean all

apt-get clean all

have you run either of those?

Yes, I have run yum clean all.

sorry should’ve also asked this at first…

did you run?

rpm -Uvh https://packages.graylog2.org/repo/packages/graylog-4.1-repository_latest.rpm

No change to the repo file, and no change to available updates.

do you have any plugins that need to be updated?


yum install graylog-server graylog-enterprise-plugins graylog-integrations-plugins graylog-enterprise-integrations-plugins

Thanks, got it figured out. 4.1.1 got installed, but the server restart had not happened when expected. I should have checked the uptime.

well that’ll do it… cheers

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